Tone & Twirl 


Group - 6 Week Block

All our classes take place at the Tone & Twirl studio in Thundersley.

Classes last 1 hour and consist of a warm up, spins, climbs, combinations and a stretch and cool down.


Students range in age, shape, size and fitness ability so there’s no need to be nervous about attending your first class. Each class has a fun, supportive and friendly atmosphere; everyone encourages each other to progress, so whether you’re coming with friends or going solo, you’ll quickly see there’s nothing to worry about.


We keep our classes small so there will never be more than 2 of you per pole. This means you’ll not only work harder each session and get more ‘pole time’, but you’ll receive more support from us as well as individual coaching and attention.

£60 for 6 classes (1 per week over the course of 6 consecutive weeks). No more than 8 people per class, 2 to a pole guaranteed.

Learn the basics in a 60 minute class covering spins and climbs before moving onto inverts and combinations

Private Bookings


We also offer private group sessions for 2-8 people, if you and a group of friends wish to attend class together. This differs from the 6 week block group classes as you are guaranteed private use of the studio- even if there are only 2 of you. 60 minute class and all pricing is available on enquiry.

121 tuition £30 lasting 60 minutes covering a range of moves tailored specifically to you. You may want to learn in a more private setting first, before moving onto group classes or you may enjoy really working on your technique with undivided support and attention from us.

Party / Special Occassion

Special occasion coming up? Get in touch to find out more about our party packages